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The 4 Steps To Discovering What Your Dream Job Is

Hello Mermaid Junkies,

I haven’t written a post in a bit, and even though I want to sit and explain how apologetic I am, I’m not going to. Not because I don’t feel guilt, but because even though It may not show, as of late, all the work I’ve been doing, is still very much behind the scenes. When you’re starting up a business all on your own, with no money, no connections, and nothing but a glorious dream, you have to do everything on your own, and become very ingenuitive. Though it’s a lot of hard work and long hard hours, it’s worth every minute to me.   Mermaid Raquel wNaudi Pirate

I can’t tell you how many times I have felt a tad bit of frustration, or I’ve called a friend to gab about yet loving members of my family, or friends that mean no harm by telling me, I’m wasting my time on this little thing called a dream. Or looked at me cross-eyed when I say I have this and that that I’m working on that has to do with my blogging.

It’s not just about blogging, and its taken me years to finally get to the point of REALLY start working on accomplishing this dream of mine. Not just saying i’m a blogger and writing some posts, etc.

I have to be honest and admittedly say, I get so tired of people saying, “oh you just play at home and do it for fun.” Even up until about 6 months ago, I wanted to just quit. Nevertheless, I became more determined in my mind to reach for my dreams. I’m not getting any younger. Has it been tough, yes… especially because when you’re starting up any kind of business, there is always some kind of money you will have to spend. In addition, might I remind you that “sailor” was unemployed for a year and a half? Therefore, you add that on top of me wanting to “live this dream.”  I knew I wouldn’t start off making any kind of money. I’m not doing it for the money, for starters, and it makes it difficult for those close to you, to see you spending your time on this “business/dream” and laundry is being put aside, I’m sewing projects and having my kids fend for themselves for dinner. Is that a difficult thing to juggle, absolutely? It would probably seem more viable if I was earning cold hard cash with my passion, but that’s not the case, as of yet. I say, as of yet, because I believe when we dream and work hard, creating and doing what we authentically were sent here to do, IT WILL HAPPEN!

I really think there are many new entrepreneurs out there that struggle with the same thing I do. Their struggles may even be a bit more stressful because they don’t have the luxury of having a spouse that’s bringing in an income.

When should you start living your dreams? If you know what you were born to do, or you have an insatiable appetite for your passions, you should start TODAY making a plan to start living your dreams! You’re not going to get any younger, and if you’re up in age, you realize time starts slipping by faster and faster. It’s not going to slow down for you. A mermaid junkie in the making me swimming pose

Honestly, I have never met anyone, that’s living their dream, say to me, ” I totally regret trying to live my dream.” EVER!  That’s because I don’t believe it exists. You must start, you must! Even if it’s 20 minutes a day, do something to start in that direction. Did you know that there has been statistics to show that out of every hour of the day, a person spends at least 20 minutes on social media? Imagine the things that could be done with your dream if you were to concentrate on your goal and stay off social media?

Here’s the thing Mermaid Junkies, Once you decide and make your absolute mind up that you want to pursue your dream job, and stick to it, you will find it easier to say no to the other less important things. The YES, becomes greater, and it’s easier to say no to the insignificant. Because once the decision has been made, you now have a concrete goal. That will then force those unnecessary things that you’ve been spending your time on, out the door. a writer in the making

Let’s catch it all up:

1. You must first make the decision that you want to live your dream. If you don’t feel like you know what your dream is exactly, ask yourself these two questions. #1.  If you could do anything you wanted to, regardless of money, what would it be? Write that down. #2. Think back to your earliest childhood memories around the ages of 8-12, and what was it that you loved to do? Write that down. What is something that if given the opportunity you could do all day long or when you have spare time, what do you gravitate towards? Write that down. That’s what your dream job is! You may have to then start fine tuning that particular thing, but this is just a few steps to start out with.

2. You have to be clear with those around you, what your goals are, and let them know from the start, and that you’re serious about this decision. Tell them that you plan to do this and that you need their support, not discouragement, or negative comments.

3. Make a strategic plan for how you’re going to start living your dream. Even if it’s spending your lunch break jotting down a few things that bring you joy. Start there. JUST STARTING IS THE FIRST STEP! (Procrastinators and Perfectionists be aware of this step, self sabotage will set in quickly)

4. Begin creating a list of things that make you happy, giddy, light up with excitement. Write it all down.

I’d love to hear your feedback. Did you enjoy this post or find it helpful? Let me know in the comments below. As you know accountability is essential to anything, so I encourage you to complete the task, and swim back over and tell me what you came up with. I’ll be waiting.


4 Responses to The 4 Steps To Discovering What Your Dream Job Is

  1. Raquel, This post hit a tender spot for me. You are so right on many things! One thing that got me fired up was when you said how you have never meat anyone living their dream, say they regret it. They faced similar struggles. They only difference is they never gave up, or they have just been doing it longer.

    Your an inspiration to me Raq!!!! I’m applauding you!!! love you girl!!!

    • Thank you Amy, and I want to see what you come up with. I know you’re living your dream now, is there anything you might add to the conversation to help other readers? Thanks again, MJ Raquel

  2. Raquel, I really enjoyed this post as it speaks to me and happens to apply to my life right now. I am currently working on fulfilling my Entrepreneurial dreams as well. :-) I enjoy reading all your posts! Thanks for being so inspiring!

    • Oh I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it. Keep me posted as to your success and ventures that you are taking to accomplish your dreams. I’m always interested to hear. Yours til my next swim, mermaid Raquel

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