Raquel English

If The Broom Fits, Fly It

I swept up this little treat for you. I actually took the idea from Martha Stewart years ago. She sells the kits @ Michaels, but I like to make my own. It’s also cheaper to make them rather than buy the kits pre-packaged. My kids love to give these to their friends. They’re always a hit.

I use lunch sacks for mine. When you use lunch sacks you’ll have to fill the sacks with a lot more candy (which I’m sure the recipients will welcome). You can also go to Michael’s & buy the mini bags. I think they cost about 20 cents per bag, or you can buy them by the package (8 qty.), which will cost about $3.00.

I had my munchkins go behind our house & gather sticks for the broom handles.

Now FLY off & make some fun brooms for your friends & loved ones to enjoy.


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