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Why Things Don’t Work Out In Your Relationship Part 2

Have you read Part 1 Why You’re Attracted To Your Partner 

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It’s because once you become whole with the person that is filling your subconscious needs, you are left with the remnants of the conscious needs.

We may start to realize we are in discord or may not even like the person we’re with after our subconscious needs are filled.

Sometimes our conscious needs cannot be met with the person we are subconsciously attracted to.

Why we are attracted to someone has far more to do with our wounds than it does love.Continue Reading

Part 1: Why You’re Attracted to Your Partner

I’m going to go deep into the waters of relationships and love. How they work and why you’re attracted to the people you find yourself in relationships with.

I have been fascinated for years about why we love who we choose to love and why we fall out of love or things go sideways in relationships.

I’m making this a two part post.

Here’s Part 2: Why Your Relationships Don’t Work Out

Have you ever been curious about this? Why did you get into a relationship with the person you’re with? Or why you are attracted to a particular person?

 Why do we seem to attract certain people through our chemistry?

 Even though I am the romantical dreamer that I am, and someone that lives her life in a fantasy; probably more so than reality, I’m here to say that ” LOVES ISNT ENOUGH!”Continue Reading

Yoga Represents Mending Your Soul

 I told you last week on Mermaid Junkie TV that I was struggling with intense lower back pain because I had loads of resentment (metaphysical) towards others, especially Sailor.

I know some may find it revealing that I come right out and say that, but I believe it’s important to express my true feelings. Stop holding back what pains I struggle with. If I am not willing to spill my heart over this keyboard, what good am I in trying to help others. I think people want others to share their experiences. It connects us. We as mortals desire, in fact, must have connection to survive. But so many are afraid because of the judgment or for fear that it will make them seem that they aren’t as perfect as they had envisioned. We are afraid to show people who we really are. And most times, it’s because we are afraid of our very own selves.

I think we all struggle with some deeply buried soul wrenching adversities and light has to be shed on issues before they ever begin to change. Change for me or others.

I wanted to share with you my journey of transparency.

I showed you this picture yesterday on social media explaining that I saw something in the experience that day, I hadn’t seen until now.Continue Reading

Why We Don’t Allow Ourself To Feel Our Feelings

I happen to think that if I’m going through something, I would take a gander that some of you may be or will go through it too. We all should be sharing so as to help each other fill the world with love, find healing and transformation together.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about a past experience that I had and that I wasn’t quite sure why I kept experiencing this “hook” in my fin.


I was explaining that I thought it had been removed and I had healed long ago from the wound.

Has this ever happened to you?

 You are going along; quite well in life and you start getting triggers. It could be a song, something they used to say, a place, a feeling etc.Continue Reading

What’s Your Energy Tide?

FLOW is necessary for growth.

I’m in the Personal Development industry.

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I was talking with a friend last night {Social/Emotional need}. I could tell that I was beginning to feel down, sad and lonely. Yes, Mermaids feel that way too.

As I was listing off the things I had to accomplish my friend says, “Raquel, flow is important for you to remember right now. We need the negative and the positive energy to make life work in balance.”

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There are many spiritual gurus that focus solely on all things positive. They try to constantly push out the negative. The negative thoughts, negative feelings they’re having, and rid the negative experiences that are taking place in their lives.

While it’s essential to keep the positive flow of things upwelling constantly, in order for the cycle of a balanced life to work in our favor, we must recognize the importance of the negative and the impact that both energies play.Continue Reading

We Must Stop Comparing Ourselves

Hello, Mermaid Junkies I want to know if the Love Affirmations were useful for you. Did you try them? Yesterday I saw a shirt on a young gal that said, ” My mommy’s blog is better than your mommy’s blog.” It seems harmless enough, right? Wrong! Here’s why: It’s the Comparison Queen Ursula lurching her ego-centered head.…Continue Reading

Death Is More Guilt Than Grief?

Hello mermaid Junkies, I heard some terrible news this week. That kind where you stop in your tracks and totally realize money problems, stresses of work, me unpacking my home are not important. My half brother lost his little brother. If you aren’t sure of who I am. My dad was married once before he…Continue Reading

Love Isn’t Earned Its Given Freely

We have a program in our church called primary. It’s for children from ages 3-12. During the year around Thanksgiving and Christmas, the little children prepare to give a presentation to show the ward what they’ve been working on. They memorize parts and stand at the podium and recite their part. I remember those days…Continue Reading