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A Vietnam Veterans Journey To Recovery With Essential Oils

Hello Mermaid Junkies,

Are you getting ready for Valentines Day on Saturday? I hope you have a lovely heart filled Day!

Mermaid Alchemy

I wanted to share the story of how my Father went from being in constant pain to recovery with essential oils. He suffers from (Arthritis) caused by the shrapnel in the Vietnam War and mentally he was beginning to feel like he was deteriorating, very sad about his lack of mobility, energy and a number of other things. He actually stated to me he was really on the verge of giving up on life… like what was his purpose. He began sleeping all of the time. He also has severe cataracts and terrible vision and that seem to be fading also.

I wanted to have my father try some essential oils, but I wanted to do it in a subtle way so he didn’t feel like his life was being turned upside down.

You probably know what I’m talking about. Someone swims along and tells you they have the remedy that’s going to cure you, or at least make all your ailments go away. And then they list off a gazillion steps and you instantly lose hope again. Why… because no one wants to do fifty things to get results. It’s a proven fact that if you give people too many things to do or ask them to make too many choices, they’ll opt for nothing.

I have been studying {certified} aromatherapy for years, so I decided to make a few unique blend samples for my father and see what he thought.Continue Reading

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Wednesday: Upwelling Wednesday

This is the Spiritual need, the need to leave a legacy.

The need to leave a legacy, to have a sense of meaning, purpose, pride, personal satisfaction and contribution to the world.

I received a phone call tonight from someone that I revere as my mentor. Sena King is her name and she’s the most wonderful woman I know, besides my own mother.

I’ve actually known Aunt Sena since birth. You can read that story here if you’d like.

I was grateful for the in-depth conversation that I had with her in regards to appearances and being judged from an external perspective.

When you are always on the path to personal growth there’s’ a constant flow of the spirit helping to guide and lead you to more and more self-discovery.
As I was chatting with Aunt Sena she mentioned that because I had been currently using such verbiage as enlightenment, universe, affirmations and etc. (that she had failed to mention anything for fear of upsetting me), but she had started to believe I was on the brink of abandoning my religion.

I was very grateful to her to for mentioning her thoughts with me and that I could plainly see that perhaps there were others that may be confused or have become curious about my core values as well.Continue Reading

Are Your Anchoring Beliefs Weighing You Down?

Monday: Mermaid Monday Master

This is the Mental need, the need to learn,
 inspiring, teachable, encouraging, developing and growth.

“Your  is free, have the courage to follow it.”

Hello, Mermaid Junkies

Some of you may be completely happy and overjoyed by the month of love.

However, there may be some that could use an encouraging word or a simple “I love you.”

We all at one time or another struggle with sadness and just that feeling of “blah.”

Today, I want to tell you that I love you, and I’m thinking of you and that you matter.

Here’s a little Mermaid Methodology for today that will maybe help you.Continue Reading

Why Things Don’t Work Out In Your Relationship Part 2

Have you read Part 1 Why You’re Attracted To Your Partner 

Start here first:

man and mermaid

It’s because once you become whole with the person that is filling your subconscious needs, you are left with the remnants of the conscious needs.

We may start to realize we are in discord or may not even like the person we’re with after our subconscious needs are filled.

Sometimes our conscious needs cannot be met with the person we are subconsciously attracted to.

Why we are attracted to someone has far more to do with our wounds than it does love.Continue Reading

Part 1: Why You’re Attracted to Your Partner

I’m going to go deep into the waters of relationships and love. How they work and why you’re attracted to the people you find yourself in relationships with.

I have been fascinated for years about why we love who we choose to love and why we fall out of love or things go sideways in relationships.

I’m making this a two part post.

Here’s Part 2: Why Your Relationships Don’t Work Out

Have you ever been curious about this? Why did you get into a relationship with the person you’re with? Or why you are attracted to a particular person?

 Why do we seem to attract certain people through our chemistry?

 Even though I am the romantical dreamer that I am, and someone that lives her life in a fantasy; probably more so than reality, I’m here to say that ” LOVES ISNT ENOUGH!”Continue Reading

What’s Your Energy Tide?

FLOW is necessary for growth. I’m in the Personal Development industry. I was talking with a friend last night {Social/Emotional need}. I could tell that I was beginning to feel down, sad and lonely. Yes, Mermaids feel that way too. As I was listing off the things I had to accomplish my friend says, “Raquel,…Continue Reading

We Must Stop Comparing Ourselves

Hello, Mermaid Junkies I want to know if the Love Affirmations were useful for you. Did you try them? Yesterday I saw a shirt on a young gal that said, ” My mommy’s blog is better than your mommy’s blog.” It seems harmless enough, right? Wrong! Here’s why: It’s the Comparison Queen Ursula lurching her ego-centered head.…Continue Reading