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“Mermaid Monday Master” Affirmation Scales

Hello Mermaid Junkies,

Have you ever done affirmations and in the attempt to do them you gave up, because you thought it was a bunch of bolognas? Well, I can relate, I was starting to think that as well.

I wanted to share with you today about why I believe my affirmations didn’t work in the beginning. I think I have the answer, and it just may help you.

When we begin doing affirmations, it seems like such a silly thing to many people or it sounds like one of those “woohoo woohoo”  new age things people do. I’m here to debunk that.

In the beginning when I started to recite my affirmations over and over in my head, I soon realized that I sincerely in my heart didn’t believe what I was telling myself. The reason is because I had terrible self-worth issues. If you start trying to affirm things that you want and you have terrible self-worth issues, you aren’t going to believe a word that comes out of your mouth much less the thoughts you are thinking. For every good thought we have, we have about 200 negative thoughts that counteract that one good thought. You don’t really believe deep down you deserve what you are affirming. You must have a structured, solid foundation of self-worth and acceptance first and then affirmations will work for you.

I didn’t have that for myself. I truly didn’t love myself wholly and completely. So when I’d say these affirmations over and over I wasn’t truly believing what I was saying.Continue Reading

10 “Pearls Of Wisdom” For Creating Abundance

Hello Mermaid Junkies,

How are you? I’ve been thinking about many things lately, but especially with this time of  year, the word abundance or wealth is talked about quite often. 

There are numerous things that elude us in this process of manifesting or attracting wealth. After working on some (steps) myself, I discovered what my anchoring beliefs were. I’m going to share those with you now. My anchoring belief about money was that I believed subconsciously that Christians didn’t really deserve to have wealth. Christians would become evil and break laws if they achieved wealth. I felt that rich people were basically not very nice and loving. The rich were superficial. It was a very contradicting anchored belief, but from my perspective it made perfect sense. These anchored beliefs are learned and become apart of our paradigms. We must learn to remove the “Anchor Away” beliefs in order to really attract and manifest wealth.

What we tend to focus on God will match that vibration. We must stop saying to ourselves that we should face reality. We create our own realities. God is an expansion of an all-encompassing abundance. So therefore we are in the likeness of God and also deserve an all-encompassing abundance of wealth. 

I’ve been working on some strategies that have been working for me, so I thought I’d share some of those things with you. That way we can all work together as a shoal  (Mermaid Junkie family)  to receive abundance in our lives through manifesting treasure chests of wealth. 

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If The Broom Fits, Fly It

I swept up this little treat for you. I actually took the idea from Martha Stewart years ago. She sells the kits @ Michaels, but I like to make my own. It’s also cheaper to make them rather than buy the kits pre-packaged. My kids love to give these to their friends. They’re always a hit.

I use lunch sacks for mine. When you use lunch sacks you’ll have to fill the sacks with a lot more candy (which I’m sure the recipients will welcome). You can also go to Michael’s & buy the mini bags. I think they cost about 20 cents per bag, or you can buy them by the package (8 qty.), which will cost about $3.00.

I had my munchkins go behind our house & gather sticks for the broom handles.

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How To Conquer The Comparison Queen Ursula

Hello there lovely Mermaid Junkies,

I wanted to share with you a few things that have been on my mind lately. I have been asking for spiritual guidance to know what to say in this blog post. I hope you’ll visit with me. 

me and mel friends quote

Throughout the years I have mostly stayed away from the spiritual aspect in my posts until more recently. Through my prayers and now knowing with a surety of my divine mission in life, where I want to take this blog and my {non-profit} for purpose organization I have come to realize what I have been sent here to do. One of those things is to more freely talk about my continual journey as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and sharing my life’s experiences with you. I have come to know that my mission is to build deeper connections with others, serve my fellow beings and teach.

What I’ve noticed in the past few years is that there seems to be an insurmountable need for people to feel significant and that goes hand in hand with comparison to others. Not only in my everyday life, but in my life as a member of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It seems to fester in the LDS community. 

In the past I have never really wanted to talk about my religion, not because I’m embarrassed, but because I think I wasn’t secure enough within myself and who I was, to feel confident in my personal convictions. Also, I never wanted to be classified as “one of those Mormon mommy bloggers.” Not that I didn’t like them, but because I would become frustrated with the writings of the bloggers, sensing a sort of self-righteous, perfectionistic nature in their content. I have since changed my mind on the matter, because while I haven’t changed my stance on what many of the bloggers still represent, I have come to maturely understand that a portion of that was me projecting. You’ve heard this I’m sure. The sheer thing that drives you crazy about someone is because you are actually just like that yourself in some way. It’s the mirror reflection theory. It’s the internal manifestation of what’s going on inside of YOU. Who wants to admit a thing like that? I for one didn’t for a very long time. So, I have to confess to being jealous of other bloggers. Until, I was able to admit that, I could not progress with my own blog, foundation and divine mission.Continue Reading

I Am Remembering Who I Am

Hello there darlings,

Victorian fashion plate 2

I’ve truly missed you!

” My dear you had forgotten who you really were.”

Okay, perhaps I added my dear into it, but that is truly what I heard from the spirit when I was petitioning the Lord in prayer the other day.

I’ve been sitting on my lovely lounging couch by day and night, for almost the better part of a fortnight {I’ve been reading lots of British books}. It’s been humdrum, but also it’s been an awakening to my soul. So to me, the latter is greatly beneficial to my spiritual growth.

I won’t dull you with said lil’ details. That’s no fun.

I will share with you some wonderful epiphanies that I have had though.

I believe I was born a nostalgic strawberry-haired little, and always have been. I know it as surely as the freckles on my skin. My mother has always told me that I have an old soul and I have since I were a tiny girl. I’ve always been fascinated with old things, old movies, old penmanship, old etiquette, and the list goes on. I just adore everything old.Continue Reading

Organized Mermaid Arsenal/ Medicine Cabinet

“Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.” Today we are going over the physical need, “Mermaid Life” the need to live.  A part of that human need is the desire for order and balance. So I’m discussing an essential partContinue ReadingContinue Reading

What’s Mermaid Junkie TV?

Hello Mermaid Junkies, I hope life has been treating you well and you’re getting ready to get back into the current of things with school and your merchildren. I wanted to take this time to explain a few things about my new blog format, what I’ve been up to… plus I wanted to clarify aContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Why People Overreact For Seemingly No Reason At All. Here’s Why:

Have you ever been having a conversation with someone and all of a sudden you can see their demeanor change or they just seem to switch gears mentally while talking to you? Almost as if what they are saying has riled up some sort of emotions within them and you have no clue what justContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The Four Human Needs for Living a Balanced Life

  Hello Mermaid Junkies, In this episode I will be going a step further into each basic need and describe what each need represents. If we strive to live in these quadrants we will be balanced in our lives. Here’s a quote from Stephen Covey about our innate need to be balanced as individuals. HumanContinue ReadingContinue Reading

A Mermaid Junkie’s Time Management Introduction to the Basics

Hello Mermaid Junkies, I am so thrilled to begin this journey with you pertaining to balancing your life and all of the beautiful ways to achieve balance in your life through the Franklin Covey Time Management System and a few other techniques I’ve been using for years. This is my first Introduction series video onContinue ReadingContinue Reading